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Like This!


meet you downstairs in the bar and heard,
your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt,
you say why did you do it with him today?
and sniff me out like i was Tanqueray!?

cause you're my fella, my guy..
hand me your stella and fly,
by the time i'm out the door
you tear me down like Roger Moore!

i cheated myself
like i knew i would
i told ya, i was troubled
You know that i'm no good

upstairs in bed, with my ex boy,
he's in the place, but i cant get joy,
thinking of you in the final throws,
this is when my buzzer goes..
run out to meet your chicks and bitter,
you say when we're married cause you're not bitter!
there'll be none of him no more.
i cried for you on the kitchen floor

i cheated myself
Like i knew i would
i told ya, i was troubled
you know that i'm no good

sweet reunion, jamaica and spain
were like how we were again,
i'm in the tub you're on the seat
lick your lips as i soak my feet...

then you notice lickle carpet burn,
my stomach drops and my guts churn..
you shrug and it's the worst,
to truly stuck the knife in first.

i cheated myself
like i knew i would,
i told ya, i was troubled!!
you know that i'm no good..

posted by SCS
junho 29, 2007