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Fight Club.



..................... Atreve-te.

posted by SCS
março 05, 2008


Blogger João said...

Adoro jogar

5/3/08 14:43  
Blogger SCS said...

Vamos a isso!
Sem medo!
Compro Lisboa inteira :P

Olha, outro bom investimento para fazer no Canadá!

5/3/08 15:45  
Blogger edwin s said...

Thank you for visiting KLDP. Please do come again :)

6/3/08 01:30  
Blogger SCS said...

I hope you understand the reason why I write in Portuguese!

Since the 15th Century Portuguese People went all around the world and they didn’t stopped!

We have larges communities of emigrants spread by I don’t know how many countries!

And I know that sometime,
someone will read your comments and feel like home.

I’m a complete fan of your Daily Photo of Kuala Lumpur,
mostly I like the way you see your home town.

Always a pleasure *
Vira Vento.

6/3/08 11:49  

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