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mala postal a joana sant'ana, bailarina


you are my sister,
we were born
so innocent, so full of need
there were times we were friends but times I was so cruel
each night I'd ask for you to watch me as I sleep

I was so afraid of the night

you seemed to move through the places that I feared
you lived inside my world so softly
protected only by the kindness of your nature

you are my sister

and I love you
may all of your dreams come true

we felt so differently then,
so similar over the years
the way we laugh, the way we experience pain
so many memories
but theres nothing left to gain from remembering
faces and worlds that no one else will ever know

you are my sister

and I love you
I want this for you
they're gonna come true

posted by SCS
maio 18, 2009


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Again, fizeste-me chorar....



19/5/09 15:33  
Blogger Vira Vento said...

Tu e eu, babe.

Tu e eu.

19/5/09 15:45  

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